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Studies show that 80% of success is psychology and 20% is skills.   If you’re feeling stuck, or unsure of your next step, I will lead you to clarity, focus and action.  If you're already experiencing six figure success and you're ready to go next level then your in the right spot.

With the Dream, Do & Be Bigger Blueprint, you'll never leave the success milestones of your life to chance ever again.   Because when every second counts, I've got your back making sure you perform your best, every single day.

As entrepreneurs we are wired to take on the world by ourselves. We dig in, work hard, and are determined to be self-made. So why would we need someone to tell us what to do? Isn’t that why we started our own business in the first place, to avoid that?
An entrepreneur coach is a guide through business and life challenges. Having a  knowledge-building expert will provide layers of value to the business owner. A coach will spot weak points, give objective outside perspective and advice, while holding you accountable to your goals.

That is precisely what I, Jay Altman, do for you.  

Oh, in case your wondering, yes I have a coach too!  I always have and always will.  Having a coach is a major factor in my own success and helps me gain more knowledge to pass onto you.
How Can This Take You From Zero To Hero?
Dig In To Who You Are
"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." -Socrates 
Discover the six elements of self-knowledge so that you can understand your own identity.  
Laying this foundation creates the ability to build yourself higher than you ever imagined.
Hack To Be On The Attack
Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body's biology and feel your best. By biohacking yourself, you can actually transform your body so that you feel more energized, be more productive and, overall, feel like the best possible version of yourself.
Limitless Brain Power
Want to think like Einstein? Use these brain boosters to increase your brain power. Be up to 500% more productive with just one easy to implement tactic.  Faster learning, better memory, sharper thinking, out-of-the-box problem solving, more efficiency and productivity and enhanced creativity…get into the habit of thinking like the great thinkers.
Increasing your brain power is easier than you think.  I will show you how.
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